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  1. How to Open an iPhone SIM Card Without an Ejector Tool.
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A toothpick is a great tool to use in a jam, especially since they can often be found at airport restaurants in club sandwiches. I like toothpicks because they can be quite long and give lots of leverage. However sometimes they are too thick. In this case I usually snap the toothpick to produce a thinner, jagged edge. The trusty push pin is something you can find in virtually every office and thanks to its plastic head it gives you excellent leverage to push the tip of the pin into the ejection aperture.

Apple® iPhone® 5 - Remove SIM Card

The safety pin is also a good option. Believe it or not certain pens make great SIM ejection tools.

How to fix a stuck sim card in iPhone 5, 6, 6s, 7, Fast and Easy Repair

Look for a pen with a 0. Just use the part of the earring your thread through your ear lobe. Spread the loveOnePlus gobbled up column inches recently thanks to the launch of its groundbreaking Select Page.

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    How to Open an iPhone SIM Card Without an Ejector Tool

    Want a full suite You might also like It takes a little bit of practice, but after a few tries you will get the hang of it, and you will never be stranded without a SIM card again. Visit JetPaks. No Problem! Date January 22 Written By Aaron Rogers.

    How to Get a SIM Card out of an iPhone

    Comments 2 Comments. No Sim Card Removal Tool? Tweet Like Pin Post. Comments Mark August 01 This was a life-saver :-!