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Dragon nest: Labyrinth. Premier league: Blast racing Dominoes: Offline free dominos game. Truck driver: Crazy road 2. Here you will find the latest Offline Android games for Android 4. You can download any and play free! New Most Popular Best of the month Recommended. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Free lancer. Free lancer - a brave warrior with a sharp spear travels through a beautiful kingdom to defend the civilians from a variety of enemies.

Game features: Retro graphics Simple controls Many funny heroes Great selection of equipment. Mazes of Karradash 2. Mazes of Karradash 2 - explore underground mazes and save the city from evil that hides in dungeons. Fight monsters and disarm traps. Game features: Retro graphics 10 classes and 8 races 20 wide dungeons Great selection of equipment. Warfare incorporated.

Warfare incorporated - command corporation armed forces and fight armies of opponents on a faraway planet. Destroy enemies and defend your base. These coins provide an opportunity to buy weapons in order not only to defend yourself but also to attack. In Into the Dead , the more distance you can run, the more difficult it will be to evade zombies.

Some zombies will come close, while others will accidentally get up off the ground and immediately attack. At the same time, your achievements in the game are awarded. You will be given points that allow competing in the world ranking. Downloading Into the Dead on Android is recommended for adventure lovers.

The game will make you feel the spirit of the apocalypse! Creators of the game Plague Inc. According to the plot, your hero managed to infect the first earthling.

Now you must begin to destroy humanity, using a deadly disease. Spread the disease everywhere, fight with everything that mankind will undertake to protect them. It seems to be strange as usually, you have to save the world, and not destroy it! Do you want to enter the fight against the world? It will not be possible for all to survive in it. Creators offer to learn more than a dozen diseases, which provides several different strategies for action.

The creators have developed many characteristics of diseases, infecting more than fifty states. All your achievements will be recorded in the leaderboard. Well, welcome to a virtual life in which you will destroy the world! Hundreds of millions of fans have played in Plague Inc. The game has already been recognized as a global hit with a maximum rating. And so he would have to take this evil fate if there is not the hope of your help.

And this is quite possible for you. You just need to turn the world upside down, canceling the force of gravity! Thus, before you an interesting puzzle Freeze! There is also a Freeze button, which you can press to stop the work of gravity. In addition, it is also necessary to compete with lasers and not fall into a deadly trap. Pass two and a half dozen unique levels, prove that you are stronger than the force of gravity! Yes, these tanks are from the future! And they have real laser cannons! And you do not have to drive over various ruins or battlefields, battles take place in small rooms that resemble the compartments of a spaceship, what somewhat simplifies coordination, but removes possible landscapes and other beauty which is not suitable in the war!

Logical game for mobile devices based on OS Android got a minimal interface. On the screen, you will see only the field, divided into multi-colored cells. In this field, there will be blocks with numbers, which we will need to operate on. The idea of the puzzle is to connect the blocks, increasing the numbers around them. As soon as the player manages to score points — a victory is in his pocket. How to do it? You should move blocks with numbers up or down, to the right or left, and try to make them stand on neighboring cells with blocks with the same numbers written on.

For example, if there are blocks with a number 2 in each of them, then the blocks will merge, and the sum will be doubled. That is, you will get a block with a number of 4. Bring such blocks together and increase their sum. Place the blocks with a number of 32 next to each other and get a 64 block. By connecting them, you get the number This will mean that you have reached the final of the game, and if you did it before others, it means you won!

In the process of the game, it is recommended to concentrate as much as possible. Unreasoned moves can lead to the dead-end and so you will lose. Managing cells is very simple — just swipe your finger across the screen in the desired direction. Just keep in mind that all cells will move from this, and therefore the best tactic is to calculate the moves in advance.

And remember that there are no tips! All its charm is not in the famous birds and guinea pigs, but in its unique scenario, which left no one indifferent. It all starts with the Tatooine episode. Having opened the next level, the player enters a new exciting world, the name of which is the Death Star.

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Then, having passed this level, you can get to the next planet Hot, where you will need to develop your strategy of passing. The next planet that you have to go through is the Jedi Way, where the difficulty level is higher, but it will be impossible to break away from the game! The cloudy city is the next step on the road to victory. All stages will give you an incredible pleasure because this is not just a game for killing time, you have to work out your own strategies, mentally count the moves in advance, to get the best result.

Then there is one thing left, download Angry Birds Star Wars 2 for Android and enjoy the game as much as you have enough time for this. In just a few minutes or even seconds, you will get a unique game that will not let you get bored and will give you the opportunity to use your brain.

The description of Word Cross Puzzle: Best Free Offline Word Games

Developers have realized a unique function Telepods especially for the new version of the arcade. It allows you to teleport your favorite characters into the game by photographing their figures on a smartphone or tablet. The game becomes, even more, fun and realistic! History and places: The shark is a fearless and ruthless predator, able to struggle with a whole flock of fish or a lost tourist in a matter of seconds: books and films, songs and even mobile applications are devoted to cruel underwater masters! The Hungry Shark World arcade will allow players to walk underwater, devouring everything around them and getting the strength to meet especially powerful opponents.

The place of action is the seas and oceans with saltwater and various inhabitants. The goal is to reach the maximum possible score, perform a lot of tasks and become an exclusive underwater champion. Hero and enemies: Sharks in the Hungry Shark World arcade for Android are represented by a whole group of predators with diverse abilities, individual skills, and visual qualities: someone has a sharp nose and long fins, someone has a mighty tail and gigantic teeth.

In addition, the choice of shark affects important characteristics — speed, agility, acceleration: indicators, by the way, are allowed to improve, but only for a separate currency collected during eating. Underwater world, by the way, is rich and diverse — fish, squid, people in underwater suits, predators, and underwater mines …. Controls and rules: It is easy to control an underwater monster — one finger is responsible for the movement, the second — to attack or, for example, perform harsh maneuvers associated with going to the depth or with active surfacing to the open air.

The main rule is not to bring the life energy scale to zero, otherwise the shark will go to the bottom. How to avoid death? Eat all in a row, collect fish, escape the shots of harpoons and the kicks of tourists, maneuver under the cloud of squid ink! And in general — look around — there are dangerous traps everywhere!

Graphics and awards: The Hungry Shark arcade looks nice — detailed locations, brightly painted scenery, a variety of fish and underwater inhabitants. The animation is of high quality. And it worth downloading the Hungry Shark World on the Android for the incredibly high-quality gameplay process — dozens of tasks, gradually opened sharks and underwater zones, customized predators and edited complexity. Each player will find a lot of reasons for both a short game in ten minutes and for a long dive during a few hours.

This game project is based on the eponymous series. If you like detectives and puzzles, if you cannot tolerate injustice, if you, after all, dream to become a detective, then the application CSI Hidden Crimes is just for you! You will find yourself in amazing Las Vegas, attracting gamblers, criminals, maniacs, and deceivers, who turned the legendary place into the Sin City. In these narrow streets, the best forensic experts and detective departments work, and the protagonist of the CSI: Hidden Crimes application is one of them.

What are the best offline Android games?

Prepare to plunge into the mystical atmosphere, comb through dozens of crime scenes and find a real criminal among a dozen suspects. You have to play for one of the detectives from which not a single trifle cannot be hidden. Round-the-clock work without sleep and rest, looking through dozens of crime scenes, gathering evidence, searching for suspects and, finally, identifying the culprit — all this will need to be done so that residents and visitors can sleep peacefully.

Downloading CSI: Hidden Crimes Androidoid is recommended to fans of the series and those who want to spend time with a portion of wonderful puzzles! This is one of the few puzzles that never bother and is liked by almost everyone. Cut the Rope is based on the laws of physics, and therefore for apparent simplicity, the exact calculation of the moment and a certain sequence are hidden.

You have to cut the ropes with which the candy is tied. And the goal is to feed the cute creature living in the box. In the game Cut the Rope , more and more opponents in the form of obstacles, and rotating barriers will appear round after round, but at the same time, you will have more helpers.

Another location can be opened by buying a key for a certain number of stars collected during the game. Small stars need to be collected before the candy is eaten. The higher the level, the more complicated the puzzle becomes and the more difficult it is to collect the stars. There are new interesting details like a soap bubble, blades, electric current and so on.

A huge number of different levels, locations, and complex tasks increase the special interest in the puzzle. Cut The Rope has already been downloaded by hundreds of millions of users around the world, and you can join them. Feed a little animal with candy!

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Ninjas are different. Someone is clever and skillful, noiseless as a cat, and someone — awfully awkward. Take care of your ward to develop ninja skills, watch how he reacts to different situations — this is a very interesting activity. You will have a virtual, but a real friend, created with a high degree of realism with the help of modern technologies. If you get tired of pumping skills of your ward, then you can have fun — tie him to balloons or tickle. Thus, you will help the ninja to find his missing girlfriend. With your help, an awkward ninja will be able to learn all sorts of useful super-tricks.

Sensei, who appreciates your efforts, will give the character a new belt — so it will help in the search for a friend of the ninja. Visit different locations, collect game items, get acquainted with other game characters, complete tasks. Check yourself — have you finally become adroit or are you still clumsy? The game hero will be able to try on different outfits with your help, and you can also demonstrate his freaks to your friends — just take a few photos. This amazing game will please you with a lot of surprises. And what about the use of different interactive objects!

In short, there are a lot of the reasons for making friends with the clunky ninja. ZigZag is a new masterpiece in the game sphere. Especially this game will be to the taste for those who are fans of time-killer games. ZigZag is a quiet, minimalistic game with simple pixel graphics in which you have to control a small black ball rolling forward along a wide wall with many turns and winding paths. However, it can fall, and your task is to go to the end without falling. To do this, you need to demonstrate all of your agility and attentiveness.

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Management in ZigZag is not very difficult as in other similar games: to direct the ball in the direction you need, just touch the screen, but watch carefully for the road, because the wall can have too unexpected turns, and the ball can fall down. On the way, you will need to collect red crystals, and the further you go, the more crystals you will get, and the more points you will be able to earn, which will be shown in your table of records. So download the game right now and enjoy!

World of Warships

The life in a magical forest was quiet and calm until something terrible happened. The sacred tree began to fade because someone had stolen the ancient eggs called Incrediballs that supported its life. Now they are scattered all over the world, and someone must collect them. This is what your character named Rayman with his girlfriend and assistant Barbara will do — they are Vikings and they are ready for adventure!

The game will offer you a fascinating combination of action with the opportunity to explore the world around you. Your hero will find himself in various unusual places — in castles, where ghosts live, and even on Mount Olympus, where according to myths, Greek gods live …. You will not escape battles — your enemies will be robbers, monsters, and even mythical minotaurs. Look for ancient eggs scattered around the world to bring them home, but until you do, take care of them. On the way, your character will save different creatures — their abilities will be useful to you.

At each level, Rayman and Barbara will have to overcome a lot of obstacles and avoid a lot of pitfalls. Do not delay, if you do not want to be caught up by enemies! The more difficult the level — the harder it is to pass, but you will get more bonuses for the passage! A professional skateboarder can perform up to ten stunts of varying difficulty in one short trip. Then the individual movements merge into a terrific combination, estimated by the application of Epic Skater in thousands of points.

Of course, to achieve professionalism, it is necessary to train long and hard, to practice skills in training and to travel around the streets of Los Angeles, but the result will be amazing! At this point, the system calculates all the perfect tricks, evaluates the combination done and adds points to the account. In total, there are more than twenty-five stunts and every one of them is able to decorate an amazing series!

Go from one level to another, earn points and share the results with your friends, trying to climb the leaderboard. You can download Epic Skater on Android right now — do not forget to invite friends for more fun! Townsmen is an incredibly exciting city-building simulator for mobile devices. Here you have to move into the Middle Ages and turn an ugly hamlet into a thriving city. Colorful 3D graphics, intuitive interface and truly unlimited possibilities for the gameplay will help to do various tasks.

You are to create your own empire, which will bring economic benefits and make you the richest and most powerful ruler on the continent. At your disposal, there is a small godforsaken settlement. Choose suitable places for the construction of mines and cultivation of crops. Hire workers and introduce a non-burdensome monetary tax for residents. Build new buildings, arenas for knightly competitions, shopping areas, taverns and much more. In every possible way improve the infrastructure of the city. Decorate it with beautiful statues, majestic monuments, green spaces, and blooming parks.

Make your city cozy and attractive. Build military barracks and hire an army to protect their citizens from bandit raids. Build defensive structures and watchtowers. Turn a village into the greatest empire, whose inhabitants will be pleased with your rule. Ready to start building the city of your dreams?

15 Best Offline Games for Android ( *OFFLINE ) | Play Without an Internet Connection

Then install Townsmen on your gadget and immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of medieval architecture. In the presented game, train your own dexterity, but do not flatter yourself, thinking that it is too easy. Here you will be engaged in the launch of space rockets. The further you run, the better. Management is not difficult. Do not overdo it over time, otherwise, there will be an explosion. If you open the rocket door early, there will be no effect.

In other words, look for the golden mean. It is necessary to focus on the height to get more gaming points. So begin ASAP. I am sure Asphalt 9 will also offer offline mode when it launches. Asphalt 8 is free to download and comes with in-app purchases and ads. The only multiplayer racing game for Android in the list that is for water sports enthusiasts. Instead of cars, you will be riding hydrojets to race against friends. There are some cool and crazy stunts to be performed. You can split your screen, better suited for tablets, where you can compete with up to four players at a time.

Your screen will be split into four parts so can see what others are doing in real time. Riptide GP: Renegade offers a very different experience, bringing something new to the table. Hydrojet racing genre has very little options available and this is the only game that I would recommend to my readers who love water sports. No matter which offline multiplayer racing game you play, you always know it is not real. The graphics, the stunts, and the scenery can only take things so far. Real Racing quickly made a name for itself by offering graphics that looks like you are playing for real.

A multiplayer offline racing game that comes with a lot of maps, modes, and cars to choose from. Real Racing 3 is free to download and comes with in-app purchases. The game is more suitable for high-end devices and will take about 1.