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My impression until now about this app 24Hours Chinese is excellent: well organized and structured, easy to understand and to learn by yourself; high sound voice quality and automatic teaching lessons step by step. After completing all lessons, I will send my suggestions as part of my contribution to further improve this app.

Fast, fun and easy learning!

Thank you. The app is well put together for beginners, though it would take more then 24hrs to learn Mandarin. Other then that, the app is great and the same companies does other languages as well which is great. Great app if you want to learn quickly. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

β€ŽIn 24 Hours Learn Chinese on the App Store

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Our app provides an interactive audiovisual learning experience through scientifically proven, result oriented, tried and tested learning methods. Apr 25, Version 4.

Size Category Education. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English.

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Price Free. We remodeled our existing Chinese course and added advance lessons. Let us know if you encounter bugs after the update. Thank you for your support! I am a teacher and very thoughtful about the ways the human brain absorbs information. I teach in a predominantly Chinese area, so I am motivated to learn Chinese. My students think it is exciting and funny when I try to speak Chinese - they laugh, then help me with my accent and tones.

I bought Rosetta Stone very expensive and I do use it, but this app is 1 much easier to get into, 2 more memorable with art than with photos, 3 more multimodal switching from recognize, recall, listen, write, fill-in, English to Chinese, Chinese to English, etc. So great that I took the time to write a review!

Game-like Apps

I rarely do this [[[ If you are a developer reading this review, please turn the large written Chinese characters into Flashcards for optional ongoing vocabulary development I currently screenshot them, but think it would be a great addition to the app - and thank you!! My background is that I am Cantonese Chinese, and I know how to speak and understand some really basic Mandarin but am not a native Mandarin speaker.

Also, I really appreciate that ChineseSkill teaches not only the sounds of the words but also shows you the pinyin and how to write the words in Chinese characters, which duolingo does not do. But since I already know how to speak and understand some basic mandarin, and I am looking to increase my vocabulary more quickly in order to be able to carry conversations and would also like to learn how to read and write chinese, I think I need to take a more advanced maybe university level course, like on Coursera or something.

Overall this is a great app that is engaging and tests out the many facets it really takes to learn another language. The suggestions I have are minor but I think would be very helpful. Another cool thing would be if you could incentivize the app so that it is even more like a game. Most people like mini challenges and earning things. DuoLingo already has something similar to this. Maybe you can earn a wrong answer back if you get three right in a row. Anyway, those are just a couple of things that I thought would maybe help make this great app even better.

The Best 13 Apps to Learn Chinese on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Requires iOS 9. A friend of a friend : Have a friend introduce you to someone! Also it recommends friends of friends that you might know. LINE users love the stickers and top users will have spent tons of money on building up a sticker collection that makes everyone jealous. LINE is popular only in certain countries β€” namely Taiwan. Learn to speak Chinese app β€” TutorMandarin is a one stop shop for learning all aspect of Mandarin including speaking.

Tutormandarin states their main goal is to help you learn to speak practical Chinese. The app has a robust virtual classroom that puts to shame simple video messaging apps. Here you can experience a real online class with full lesson PDF on an interactive whiteboard while seamlessly switching back to video and messaging at your convenience. The other point here is that Tutormandarin is not just a language exchange. Tutors are professional with certifications and they are using a curriculum designed around HSK standards to teach in a systematic and efficient way.

How I Learned to Speak Chinese

All users looking to learn Mandarin get a free trial class just for signing up. Learn to speak Chinese app Speaky is great for finding native speakers to talk with. While they have multiple languages β€” Chinese is among them! Again Speaky is best for quickly finding someone to practice your language with and get real native practice.