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Pandora One Desktop App does the same thing, except straight from your PC's desktop this time around. Using the Music Genome Project, Pandora One Desktop App will analyze the music content of the songs or artists you enjoy and will subsequently play music that shares some of those defining characteristics. Pandora One Desktop App is also a nice looking app.

Pandora’s New Streaming Audio Desktop Application (beta)

It's small and has a great, sleek appearance that will fit most peoples' aesthetics. Pandora One Desktop App is only available to people subscribed to the streaming website's paid service, Pandora One. In order to make use of this app, you'll need to be a paid subscriber as a result. On top of the same great service the regular Pandora web app offers, Pandora One Desktop App gives you better music quality and, best of all, no annoying commercials or advertisements during your music listening experience.

Music aficionados will undoubtedly love the new perks that come with a premium membership.

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To install the Pandora One Desktop App, simply go to Pandora's website , log in with your user name and password and click on your email address at the top right. Then click Settings from the dropdown menu, and choose the Install Desktop App link at left of center.

Pandora on Adobe's AIR

From there, you'll be prompted to join Pandora One if you haven't already or will simply be allowed to download the app if you have. Pandora One Desktop App offers all the comforts and conveniences of Pandora's music discovery service, straight from your desktop. Update: The Beta version of the desktop application described in this blog was pretty The application is built using Adobe AIR, which should. Free Download Pandora - Find new music and listen to free web radios Through a nice and easy to use interface, the AIR-based application.

Within the confines of the Adobe Air platform, Pandora is virtually indistinguishable from its ancestor. It only seems to lack a subtly-placed. The application features a beautiful interface from which you can listen to an Pandora for Windows is actually powered by Adobe AIR, so you. I also like the specifications of musical styles and other bands that are similar within that genre.

I just wish you guys could bring back a brief description overview of each band. This was a great feature for me discovering new bands. Love being able to listen to music while gaming,but often I have to restart it occasionally when I back out a station and the "My Music" screen doesn't display any stations. Last update reallly screwed crap up.

Has an option to allow explicite content which effectively wastes your time and does nothing. The cut-outs for swaring is utterly distracting and pointless. It doesn't remember songs you've rated so it trolls you by abusing one artist at a time, until you can't stand it anymore. The shuffle used to be better.

Pandora Desktop

All minor issues that were here before are still present. I was really close to paying for premium, but it's becoming more obvious with their adds, they just don't give a "Fk! Ah Pandora. I really do enjoy you, sadly you havent been able to fix your app in roughly two months.

Discover new music from your desktop

In response, I have deleted you and have downloded Spotify. I prefer your format, but if all I get is a black screen there is no point. See you ina few months, hopefully youre better then Edit 1: Wunderbar! You fixed yourself!

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I enjoy listening to music while gaming and pandora has been great for it the past year for me. That is until this last update. The app plays music fine, but every time I start the app and go to switch stations, instead of continuing with the current station, I have to close, or restart the app.

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It has been this way a very long time. Also, you can't view your liked songs like you can on the mobile app. Very inconvienent for when I want to look up a song I had never heard before. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services.

From the lab: Pandora Desktop Beta

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