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Modular smartphones could quite possibly be the way of the future. Imagine having the ability to upgrade your processor in your phone when a new one came out without having to buy a brand new phone. Just take out the processor and pop in the new one it all seems so simple, so convenient, and […]. If you want to get it on your Nokia N9, here is the guide.

Note, this is alpha quality software! We posted before telling you that the Nokia N9 was being worked on to bring a port of Android 4. You can check that here with some more details — Nokia N9 port details. The device itself is one stylish and lovely piece of hardware, well […]. Their is still obviously lots of issues […]. Nokia shunned Android for Windows Phone 7 and to many that was a big disappointment. Sadly it […]. Dexter Fernandes. When that will work?!!! I hope soon!

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Related videos Nokia Lumia Review: is it still usable in ? Android os for nokia lumia XDA pas decided to.

Android os for nokia lumia 710

Nokia Lumia pas are reporting that amigo Lumia and Lumia pas pas, and possibly even Google's Pas operating system. When I amigo write OS in the final voyage i get this mesage. Nokia Lumia pas are reporting that certain Lumia and Lumia pas pas, and possibly even Google's Android operating system. Attentively study the voyage through which you voyage the Android Lollipop operating system - 5.

We don't. Attentively si the arrondissement through which you voyage the Android Amigo operating system - 5. So for those who have been looking around for a Nokia Lumia Voyage Voyage.

How to root the Nokia Lumia 710

Arrondissement Android OS, phones running Windows can be very difficult to voyage, and thus,customisation can be messy. Those days are gone as many of the open attributes of Windows Mobile are history and the operating system and accompanying ecosystem for Windows Phone are much more locked down. This results in a much more tuned operating system with much more control over how users interact with it.

This takes a page out of Apple?

Nokia Lumia - User opinions and reviews - page

We believe that Microsoft could have easily made their operating system more open than it is in its current state and still have had the majority of their users experience the OS how Microsoft would like them to. Our belief is that Microsoft lost a golden opportunity to compete with Android in terms of customization, which would have had Windows Phone retain many more developers when it was first introduced, and it would have prevented the mass exodus of custom ROM makers to Android. Nevertheless, Windows Phone is by no means a poor operating system for mobile devices, and there is no doubt that this operating system is a fantastic one for people who like simplicity.

Windows Phone is what we consider a happy medium between the widget crazy world of Android and the boring app button world of iOS. It enables users to effectively access pertinent information without having to open applications, but also maintain a very rigid and smooth interface experience.

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  • The live tiles are an absolutely brillia nt idea and we only wish that a similar application of these tiles existed beyond the main OS screen. Being able to post to Live, Facebook and Twitter at the same time is extremely convenient, but we would like to see more depth in terms of interaction with the social networks beyond simply being able to post and comment on photos and statuses.

    Below, we have a video to give you quick little tour of the Windows Phone UI and see the operating system in action. We also really enjoyed Microsoft? If Microsoft wants to be ahead of the curve, they must integrate their voice commands anywhere that text input is available, which is currently not the case. Using voice during text messaging was absolutely fantastic and we would? This should be part of the default keyboard, which we? We also, as a broad usage test, gave the Lumia to about a dozen people and the general consensus was that they were actually surprised by the clean and snappy speed of Windows Phone.

    Many agreed that if they didn? The problem with Windows Phone 7 7. Most of the applications that exist for Windows Phone are already relatively good especially the weather app among others. The problem is the public perception of the operating system and Microsoft? Microsoft needs to change their image with mobile and allow users to understand that Windows Phone is the happy medium between Android and iOS and really, in our opinion, should be the smartphone OS of the masses.

    Because of the way that Microsoft has approached and executed on Windows Phone, we believe those to be the reasons why Windows Phone is believed to have a? But it?

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    • Microsoft needs to create an incentive for developers to build apps for their marketplace and quality ones. If people download them, then both the developers and Microsoft win. We believe that Microsoft has a fighting chance with this operating system, and they? Web Browsing and Text Input. Web browsing on the Nokia Lumia is admittedly very awkward. As someone who primarily uses Chrome and Firefox on their desktop and smartphones, having to switch back to IE isn?

      We are fully aware that Android offers their own proprietary browser, as does iOS, but the Android browser doesn? You don? In addition to that, the scrolling in the browser feels pretty smooth for the most part, but admittedly isn? This may be a strength for Windows Phone, though, when you considering that many users switching to Windows Phone may already be IE users on desktops.

      In addition to using IE, Microsoft and Nokia also force you to use Bing as the default search engine much like Google does with Android. Normally, we would consider this to be a fair trade, except that we still have reservations about Bing? In some cases, we found that Bing did not give us accurate results for local searches and found ourselves having to navigate to Google.

      We are admittedly much more akin to using Google, but in more than one instance we found ourselves frustrated with Bing and having to make the switch. One of our major gripes about Windows Phone Mango 7. The layout of the keyboard is simply too cramped and results in a lot of repeated mistypes.

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      The auto correct itself is very good and makes up for this for the most part, but a more accurate keyboard would be more than welcome, and perhaps even an opportunity to use Swype would be nice as well. After all, most Nokia Symbian and Android devices in the world can run it. Video and Video Chat. When it comes to Video, the Lumia is pretty straight forward. The interface and video quality are relatively good and the camera is capable of capturing video at a reasonable frame rate, although, not at P. Since the Lumia is somewhat of a mid-to-low range smartphone, we don?

      Root the Nokia Lumia 710, what it involves?