The HTC 8X has a non-removal battery and so the phone cannot be switched off by removing the battery. The other way to reset is by using the phone buttons, which will be applicable in this case knowing the fact that the phone can't be turned ON or access the setting screen. I fixed another phone for my friend. On his phone, I got these screen shots during retries —.

The complete guide to Windows Phone 8 settings | PCWorld

I could not re-create the reboot problem on my phone, but have tried explaining the concept on how you can get the! I Reset my phone from setting but i have to press power button randomly otherwise phone will be restart. I have tried the hard reset but its is still rebooting itself after i do that. I have no idea what is causing the problem. So if you can help me i'd be grateful, becuse no one else seems to know anything helpful about this. You have to try a couple of times between the reboot.


Remember, that there is a very small window, when the mobile will shut down and start again. If you are able to press the "Power Off" button between the shut down and restart, you will get the "! Once you get the "! I tried the method you mention above, but I am not able to get the! Is it a hardware problem or software?? Windows has already sent an update but the update is of no use!!

When the phone switches off, count till 5 like 5 seconds and then press the combination. If not, then take 6 seconds, and so on and so forth.

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Remember, when the phone switches off, there is a delay of maybe seconds, when it starts again. That is the only time window when you should try to press the combination. V — What do you mean by second pic? Is it the exclamation "! I've tried everything on here what you said but no joy.. I've had different icons come up I've done what you suggest but nothing now the screen has gone completely blank.. Theresa — Seems that the battery might have completely drained out. Can you try doing the reset by keeping the phone charging.

When the phone is starting, there is a vibration in the phone. Keeping the Volume Down button pressed, press the Power button briefly after 3 seconds from the vibration. Keep increasing the number of seconds from 3, 4, 5, All the best.

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Tried this but did not work with my phone. Keeps continuously rebooting. You can pick from several preset account types such as Facebook, Google, Hotmail, Twitter, and Yahoo Mail , or you can add your own type through the Other account option. To add a business Exchange account, tap Advanced setup.

How to do a factory reset of an HTC 8X Windows Phone

You also manage your existing accounts from this screen. To do so, simply tap the account name. Here, you can change the account name, choose how often to download content or email from the account, choose what type of account content to sync email, calendar events, or contacts , and modify your login information. To save your changes, tap the checkmark or Done button. A new feature to Windows Phone 8, Internet sharing lets you turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can share your cellular data connection with another device.

why does my HTC 8x keep on turning off!?

Simply enter the Internet Sharing screen and tap the toggle button to turn the feature on. You can set up your sharing with a customized name and password to prevent random devices from connecting to your phone. If no devices are connected for several minutes, the sharing feature will turn off automatically to conserve battery life. The lock screen is the very first screen you see when you turn your phone on before you see the Start screen. The Lock Screen settings menu lets you modify how this screen looks in several ways:. Turn the Wi-Fi antenna on or off by tapping the toggle button.

To connect to a specific network, tap the network name and enter a password if necessary. You can also have your phone "forget" a network, by tapping and holding the name of the network until a delete button appears. The Bluetooth setting is similar to the Wi-Fi setting.

You need to turn Bluetooth on if you want to connect a Bluetooth device, such as a headset or an external keyboard, to your phone. To turn Bluetooth on, simply tap the toggle; you can also turn Bluetooth off by tapping the toggle again. When Bluetooth is on, your device will be discoverable to other Bluetooth devices. I am unable to reset my HTC 8X. Pressing volume down button and powering on just vibrates the phone and it restarts. The reset feature lets you erase personal data from your HTC Windows Phone 8X and reset it to the factory default settings.

Warning: all of your downloaded. I lost my password for my HTC and was blocked by many attempts, how can I reset?. Reset HTC 8X smartphone if you want to unlock security code or want to restore all settings to factory default.