Easy to Use KJV Bible app

The name of the Book is displayed on the top portion of the screen. The chapters contained in the book are listed below the name of the Book. This Bible app uses the black font and white background combination for the text which is extremely beneficial for reading.

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It provides a nice contrast which makes reading a joyful experience. You can move over to the next page of the Bible by pressing the arrow keys that are located at the bottom of the screen. The right arrow key located at the right-hand-side corner of the screen is for moving to the next page while the left arrow key located at the left-hand-side corner of the screen is for moving to the previous page.

Bible English, KJV, Offline also offers you the option of choosing a particular book or chapter of the Bible that you want to read.

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  5. In order to use this option, you will have to tap on the compass icon that is present right next to the right arrow key on the bottom portion of the home screen of this Bible app. You will be given two options on the screen that appears next. You will first have to choose the book you want to read and then the chapter. Having selected both, you will have to tap on the 'Open' option. Doing this will take you to the book and chapter you had chosen. It will take only a few seconds for the app to find the exact book and chapter that you have asked for. You can use it for reading the Bible even if you are not connected to the internet.

    Thus, you can read the Bible no matter where in the world you are on your Smartphone. You will have to make sure that your device's SD card has enough space available to store the Bible. The best thing about this app is its quick response time.

    King James Bible Free KJV

    There is no lag experienced when searching for a particular book or chapter of the Bible. I have downloaded this app to study about the Biblical history and this app provides a good and understandable translation of the Holy Bible which makes it easier for me to understand every passage and connect all the details and happening.

    The Best Free Audio Bible App of 2018

    Highly recommended especially for researchers because it has complete old and new testaments. This is the best bible app for me! The English translation that it offers is just so beautiful and accurate. This app really boosts me whenever I need some spiritual inspiration. I love that I can customize the display to whatever theme I find pleasing and attractive to my eyes! I really love the minimalist user interface of King James Bible app.

    And it's so easy to navigate and learn which makes it more accessi ble for all ages. In just a few scrolls and tap, you can read the book, chapter, and verses that you like. Whoever is the genius behind this app deserves to be applauded!

    King James Bible - KJV Offline Free Holy Bible for Android - APK Download

    I really love how the King James Bible app comes in handy. I love that through this app I can read daily bible verses whenever and wher ever I want to. This King James Bible application greatly helped to strengthen my faith to the Lord and it also inspires and motivates me whenever I feel down.

    Bless the developer of this app! I love that th is app both have the complete and digitized version of old and new testament. It even offers and audio version of the Holy Bible which I can always listen to. I just love the fact that there are apps and software made to strengthen the faith and religious values of people. King James Bible app is one of the application that people should really have to their android and iOS devices. What do you think about King James Bible?

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